Mold Under the Sink

I’ve been adding more articles about $mold$ on Allergy-Details lately, so it is ironic that I have recently discovered a major mold problem under the kitchen sink.

You could smell it when you got near the sink sometimes. But at other times you could not. Strange.

There were no obvious damp areas in the cupboard under the sink, and the wooden underside of the counter-top was clean and dry.

Eventually, I realized that it must be water spilled on the counter, working its way under the sink where the edge of the sink meets the counter.


And it seemed like a big job to fix.

As it happens, the sink faucet had recently been replace – which was a good thing – the plumber replaced the previous tap-set, with permanently soldered pipes, with a hose connection that can easily be un-done.

So I removed the hose-set, the drain connection, and the clamps that attached the sink to the counter.

Then I lifted out the sink, exposing the mold, in all it’s foulness and ugliness.

I sure felt lousy being exposed to all that mold all at once. It hadn’t been too great up till now, but with the sink out, I was assaulted by the full smell and effect of $mycotoxins$.

It was then a matter of scraping and wiping the mold away.

I sprayed the counter and the bottom of the sink with hydrogen peroxide to kill any remaining mold.

Then I put the sink back in place and connected the drain and hoses.

Now it smells much better, and should be much healthier too.

I expect to feel a bit better tomorrow – lately the mold has been effecting my energy and eczema.

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