Mold Allergy – How to Treat It

Mold allergy is more common that you might think.  Mold is very common.  But there are ways you can deal with a mold allergy.

Mold allergies are more common that you might think.  This is partly because mold is everywhere.  That means that most people are exposed to a fair bit of mold at times, and quite a lot at certain times of the year.

Certain types of $mold$ are toxic, which may be part of the reason that they can trigger a $mold-allergy$ in the first place.

Because mold is common, your $mold-allergy-symptoms$ may come to feel normal to you.  Check out the links at the bottom of this article for more information about symptoms.


There are two main ways to treat a mold allergy.  One way is to reduce your mold exposure.  The other way is to get allergy shots.

Reducing Mold Exposure

Reducing your exposure to mold is a great first step.  Mold is unhealthy for everyone, even if you don’t have an allergy to it.  When you reduce your exposure to mold, you also improve the health of those who live with you.

First, locate the damp areas in your home that are supporting mold growth.  Common areas are the bathroom, under the kitchen sink, and in basements.

Look for leaks and fix them.  Remove any moldy wood, especially if it has gone soft. 

You can spray a mixture of bleach and water on mold, but beware that this does have some dangers associated with it.  Firstly, this mixture can harm your skin.  If inhaled, it can damage your lungs.  If you decide to use bleach, wear protective clothing, goggles and a mask suitable for vapor.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be effective.  Although safer than bleach, take the same precautions as mentioned above.

When using these methods to get rid of mold, you need adequate ventilation.  Treating mold with bleach can release nasty toxins.

Mold Allergy Shots

Another way to deal with a mold allergy is to get allergy shots.  You must first get tested to find out what molds you are allergic to, and what concentration the allergy shots need to be in your specific case.

Allergy shots can be effective in reducing allergic reactions to mold.

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