Gluten Free Diet and Symptoms Get Worse?

A gluten free diet is a must for those with a gluten allergy or if you have celiac disease.  But what if your symptoms get worse when you start eliminating gluten?

Let’s first look at a short list of reasons for eliminating gluten, then look at why symptoms may become worse when starting a gluten free diet.

Reasons To Eliminate Gluten from your Diet

Here are some of the reasons people start a gluten free diet:

  • Gluten allergy
  • Diagnosed celiac
  • Suspect gluten may be making them ill
  • Autism – gluten free diet may help
  • Get more energy

What if Gluten Free Diet Makes Symptoms Worse?

Some people find that when they start on a gluten free diet, their symptoms get worse.

How can this be?

There are two points to consider.

Gluten Addiction

First, a gluten allergy has the odd effect of making you a gluten addict.  Although gluten is making you sick, your body craves more of it. This is not so different from any other addiction, when you think about it.

Like any addiction, you have to break the gluten cycle – cut it out, go through the withdrawal symptoms, and ride it through until you feel better.

Release of Toxins and Parasites

Gluten causes severe damage to the intestine of celiacs.  Because of the damage, toxins and parasites that normally get flushed through the gut, can get trapped in the gut lining.

When you cut gluten from your diet, your gut starts to heal.  This releases the parasites and toxins, causing you to feel worse.

This is a passing phase.  Over time your body adjusts, the toxins and parasites are flushed, the gut is healed, and you will feel better than ever.

It is well worth discussing the possibility of parasites with a doctor (a doctor that understands the often under-diagnosed role parasites play in many people’s health), and treating the parasite problem directly.


A gluten free diet is highly beneficial to many people, and a must for celiacs and those with a gluten allergy.

Although some people feel worse at first, over time your body will heal and you’ll feel better than ever.

If cutting gluten makes you feel worse at first, you’re probably on the right track.

Stick to your gluten free diet for at least 2 months before deciding if it works for you or not.

Ignore the above paragraph if you know you are celiac or have a gluten allergy.  In these cases, you must make a life-long commitment to diligently following a gluten free diet, or suffer severe health problems.

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